Acupuncture Reigate has a special focus in working with couples trying to conceive – this means we have the experience, skills and know-how in understanding fertility from the perspective of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.  We have been working with women, men and couples for over a decade and have loved seeing our patients begin or build their families.  Our service operates from our Reigate Clinic as well as The Centre for Reproductive Immunology and Pregnancy in Epsom.

No matter where you are, acupuncture takes a whole-person-whole-lifestyle approach to helping you.  As well as taking a very close look at your menstrual cycle and reproductive history, we also look closely at your diet, exercise and whole way of life, in order to get the fullest possible picture of your health.  Once we have all these detail, we make a diagnosis according to the principles of Chinese medicine and then set up a tailored treatment plan for you.

This plan will of course feature acupuncture but it will also have lifestyle advice, dietary advice and we may also refer you to other practitioners or doctors if necessary.  We have extensive ties with many IVF clinics, ultrasound providers, counsellors, miscarriage specialists and reproductive health doctors as well as nutritional therapists and body work specialists.

After your first consultation and treatment we send you a detailed and comprehensive report outlining what we have discussed, the treatment plan (or options) and all our advice.

We have supported many, many people trying to conceive over the years and know how comforting, reassuring, and helpful acupuncture can be in this process.  We also know that each woman and couple is different and will require different things.  One of the great strengths of Chinese medicine is that it’s all about the individual in every sense and one size does not fit all.  You can expect highly bespoke, completely tailored advice, treatment and support every step of the way and we very much look forward to supporting you on your journey.

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