Our Patients Are At The Heart Of Everything We Do

Our Purpose

We believe life is for living and being able to do so in a more or less joyful, balanced and healthy way helps us to make the most of our time here!

Our heartfelt purpose is to help people find their way back to health and balance in a way that honours each individual’s starting point, and where they see themselves at the end of the journey.  We believe acupuncture and Chinese medicine make a big contribution to wellness, and do so in an ethical, gentle and person-centred way.

Our practice continues to grow and be successful because we have a deep focus and commitment to our patients and their own unique health goals, and because we are passionate advocates of Chinese medicine and how it can help people. 

We started this practice to offer an alternative way of looking at health and wellness, with the central idea rooted in our belief that people have much more control over their own health that they may know.  We have the knowledge, skills, experience and passion to deliver acupuncture and Chinese medicine of exceptionally quality in beautiful, peaceful surroundings, and we simply cannot wait to welcome you!

Meet The Team!

Samantha Hamilton Stent

Acupuncture | Chinese Herbal Medicine | Tui Na Therapy

Practising acupuncture and Chinese medicine is one of the great joys in my life. I see every day the immediate and lasting effects this traditional medicine has on people’s lives and the difference it can make, in ways big and small. I have been in clinical practice as an acupuncturist for well over a decade and during that time I have been privileged to have worked with humans at every stage of life, from teeny tiny babies to people enjoying old, old age. To date my oldest patient has been 98 years and my youngest, just 6 days! I have worked with many patients facing huge health obstacles in my work running the acupuncture service at St Catherine’s hospice; I have worked with people who are fit and healthy and want to stay that way and everyone in between. I love to hear my patients’ stories and help them sometimes at the most vulnerable times of their lives. It is quite something to be allowed into people’s lives and to be part of their journey, whatever the destination.

I have a strong foundation in the academics of health by virtue of my first degree in health science and have been working in the research and delivery of health and medicine all my career. I toggle between both Eastern and Western medical systems with ease and this fluency enables me to work in partnership with western medical doctors and other Chinese medicine practitioners. In addition to my clinical work, I am a lecturer and faculty member at the Northern College of Acupuncture in York and teach undergraduate acupuncture students.

I have a busy and fun life outside of the clinic and am mum to two girls. I enjoy getting out and about in the countryside with my dogs and love writing.


BScHons Acupuncture (First-Class Honours)

Licentiate in Acupuncture

PG Dip. Gynaecology, Fertility & Obstetric Acupuncture

Dip. HE Oriental Medicine

Dip. HE Tuina (Chinese physical therapy)

Licentiate in Tuina

Prof. Dip Chinese Herbal Medicine

Certified Practitioner of NLP

BScHons Health Science (First-Class Honours)


The British Acupuncture Council

The Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine

The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council

The Royal Society of Medicine

The British Society of Lifestyle Medicine

The Acupuncture Fertility Network

Zita West Acupuncture Network

Samantha Hamilton-Stent

Sian Morriss


I graduated in 2010 with a BSc in Acupuncture from the internationally renowned College of Integrated Chinese Medicine.

I specialise in the treatment of women’s health and have completed a postgraduate diploma in gynaecology, fertility and obstetrics.

Originally I come from a background in academia supporting Medical research in Internationally leading universities. I also lectured at the University of Reading and I am currently a Regional Support tutor to the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine, supporting acupuncture student’s studies.

I have experienced the benefits of acupuncture firsthand. Treatment helped and left me feeling good. I was so impressed by the results I wanted to find out how it worked.

Chinese Medicine is a diagnostic system within itself. That means when you are treated by a Traditional Acupuncturist, they will diagnose your complaint according to Chinese Medicine. As a practitioner this provides the challenge of finding the root cause of the ailment through questioning the patient’s complaint and pulse and tongue diagnosis. This means I have to think and problem-solve. I enjoy that I am constantly learning and have the great pleasure of meeting many people from all walks of life while working to help them get well.

I have a young family and I love music. I play oboe, guitar and sing, having studied music and visual arts at Brighton University before becoming an acupuncturist. I also love traveling and meditation.


Licentiate in Acupuncture

Licentiate in Tui Na

Diploma in Sports Massage

Diploma in Abdominal-Sacral Therapy

BA (Hons) Modern Languages


The British Acupuncture Council

Institute for Sports and Remedial Massage

Ali Ketley

Reception  |   Clinic Assistance

I am mum to two children and outside of work I have a busy, active life!

Ali Ketley

Jo Leatham

Reception  |   Clinic Assistance

I have had a varied and interesting working life having worked in a number of different and varied roles from Virgin Atlantic cabin crew to clothing retail, from Press and PR through to chair of the PTA.  As a mother of three boys, there isn’t much spare time but my passions include sailing, swimming, walking, and coaching the under-9’s football team!

Lo Leatham