Every season I change the artwork in the clinic to reflect what’s going on outside the window. I do this because it’s important in Chinese Medicine, and life generally, to live – as best we can – in harmony with the seasons.  Autumn is all about change;  the change from yang (summer) to yin (winter).  This is the time of year we begin to gently draw our focus inwards and prepare to quieten down – energetically – for the winter.  In Chinese Medicine philosophy, the winter is a time of conservation, of quiet and stillness, of introspection.  A time to be more dormant and and chance to refuel.  This conservation is vital to enable the outpouring of energy needed for spring.  Autumn marks the beginning of this process.

We can start to live more in harmony with Autumn with a few simple steps:

  • eat seasonally – lots of squashes, pumpkins, sweet potatoes.  Warming foods like soups and stews will really nourish you and support your digestive fire
  • Avoid doing yang-type (vigorous) exercise after dark – instead do slower, nurturing exercise like yoga
  • Get plenty of sleep, can you go to bed 30 minutes earlier a couple of time a week?
  • Fill your house with Autumn motifs – flowers, pictures, scents – to remind you of the season

In Chinese Medicine we use alot of moxibustion when seasons are changing; this can boost the immune system and help us prepare for the season ahead.

If you’d like to find out more about how acupuncture can help you all year round, I’d love to hear from you.