We acupuncturists have long known the positive benefits of cupping therapy.  Indeed in this clinic it is an extremely rare day that goes by that I don’t get out my cupping equipment.  From the relief of muscular aches and pains, through to fertility and stress management, cupping has many applications and tons of efficacy.

Cupping is an important component of Chinese Medicine and involves the strategic placement of glass or plastic cups on the skin.  The suction created by the cups allows Qi and Blood (or looked at in a western way, blood and interstitial fluids) to flow.  This flow of body fluids and Qi promotes healing, clears stagnation and eases tension.

The USA olympic team are committed enthusiasts of cupping and it’s really great to see this getting the publicity it deserves. So, if you have aches, pains, stress or are just curious to see how cupping could help, get in touch with your local acupuncturist.