A new study has shown that electro-acupuncture appears to help benefit the environment in the womb and improves the pregnancy rates of women undergoing frozen embryo transfer (FET).

The study of 68 women had either sham (pretend) acupuncture or the real thing on specific acupuncture points, and the points were stimulated with electro-acupuncture every other day for for 3 menstrual cycles.  The results showed that those having acupuncture had higher rates of pregnancy and live births.

The research team saw the women had a better vascular index in the womb lining, more sightings on ultrasound of the favourable ‘triple-line pattern’ in the uterus and greater expression of a protein (HOXA10) which is involved in implantation.

So, if you’re planning FET, it really is worth talking to your acupuncturist.