Diana, 42, tells of her recent experience of Acupuncture with Samantha

“I am a busy mum of two children who works part-time in a hectic, but enjoyable professional capacity. Diagnosed as a coeliac in my early twenties, I follow a gluten-free diet and have a healthy life-style incorporating Pilates and exercise when possible. Each year, I have routine blood tests to ensure my coeliac condition is under control. As a result of these routine tests it was highlighted that my thyroid was not functioning correctly resulting in hypothyroidism (under active), an autoimmune condition that can be linked to coeliac disease. The GP prescribed thyroxine, a drug that he explained would be needed to control the thyroid, and would need to be taken for life. As a person whom has always regarded herself as healthy person, I was quite shocked at the diagnosis and prescription. I am familiar with alternative medicines as I have had regular homeopathic treatments in the past. On this occasion my homeopath suggested I try acupuncture, something I have never considered or thought to use. Research suggested that acupuncture had proven results for treating thyroid conditions.

Although the thyroid diagnosis was a surprise there were symptoms that had been creeping up on me over the past six months. These included:
Increased anxiety
Continual tiredness
Inability to focus, prioritise work
Restlessness when sleeping
Heavier periods
Tightness in the throat (lump in the throat where the thyroid is)
Feeling of no self worth
Experiences of having treatment
Prior to my first visit, I had a lengthy conversation with Samantha enquiring about the benefits of acupuncture to treat my thyroid problem. I had decided to give acupuncture a trial before resorting to the prescription I had been given. The first treatment I found very nerve-racking as I was unsure what to expect! The first twenty minutes were spent discussing my general health and symptoms. Samantha is very empathetic and completely put me at my ease, explaining why she was asking questions that may seem unrelated. I now understand that Chinese medicine considers the whole body and not just the given symptoms. My pulse was taken and my tongue examined, all before I even saw any needles! The insertion of the needles at certain points across the body were painless. Samantha explained everything as we went along which allayed my anxiety and helped me relax.
The effects  of treatment
As I left the clinic I immediately felt like an unexplained weight had been lifted. I did feel quite emotional and tearful which was very unexpected but remember sleeping so well after the initial treatment. My second consultation was the following week and this time I looked forward to visiting the clinic. On this occasion Samantha explained more to me about the holistic approach of acupuncture and the effect particular energies have on certain parts of the body. Although I had asked for specific treatment for the thyroid, Samantha suggested the reason my thyroid was not functioning correctly could be due to an imbalance in other parts of the body. We discussed my diet and my body’s sense of warm and cold, particularly the affect of ‘damp’; Samantha suggesting slight changes to my eating patterns. Treatment was far more relaxing this time as I knew what to expect.
I have continued to have treatment but am spacing the visits further apart now. As justification to my GP for not taking thyroxine, I have kept a health and emotion journal to monitor my symptoms. Although I have not yet had a blood test to check my thyroid, I know the symptoms have all been relieved. I have decided to continue with my acupuncture treatment,  visiting on a regular basis to keep my body (and energy!) in control. On the whole, I generally feel healthier than I did before treatment began. Acupuncture has helped me with a medical condition but also aided relaxation and helped me take things in my stride; quite a feat in such a busy world! I look forward to my treatment and regard it as a little bit of ‘magic’. Acupuncture is powerful and I can now understand why this ancient form of healing is regarded as one of the most popular and widely recognised form of complimentary therapies.”