Virtual Consultations

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Because we have been asked to stay at home more amid the coronavirus outbreak, or are self-isolating, and because I still want to be able to bring you all the very many benefits of Chinese medicine, I have set up online virtual consultations.

How can you do acupuncture online?

You can’t, but you CAN do acupressure on yourself with professional guidance.  What’s more, when you know where the points are on the body and how to stimulate them yourself, you can have a treatment whenever you feel like it!

Remember that Chinese medicine isn’t just about acupuncture;  it’s about physical exercises to do to boost your health or help you manage pain or illness;  it’s about dietary and lifestyle advice;  it’s about having someone to talk to who understands your health and the challenges you are facing and who can offer 100% tailored advice to support YOU.

All of these great things are available online and just because we cannot easily leave our houses any more, it doesn’t mean that we can’t still access all the great stuff Chinese medicine has to offer

How does it work?

Virtual consultations happen online through our clinical platform Cliniko, who have been cleverly developing this over the last few weeks.  Once you’re booked in (which you can easily do through this website), we automatically send your unique link to click when your appointment is due. This takes you directly into the meeting, safely, securely and quickly, where I will be waiting for you!   The session lasts about 45 minutes.  If you’re an existing patient of the clinic, I will start by asking how you’re doing and checking in on progress since our last meeting.  I will also look at your tongue (tongue diagnosis is a staple diagnostic tool in Chinese medicine) and then I will talk you through a bespoke acupressure treatment.  I will finish up with any dietary or lifestyle advice and if necessary, I will send you (through the post) additional material like moxa or press seeds.  I will also send you (as needed) a short follow up video outlining the points again, so you can refer to it whenever you like.

If you are a new patient, we will need about 1 hour so that we can explore your health in more detail and that I can learn your treatment goals, before we begin treatment.

How Will I find the Acupressure Points?

Don’t worry!  I will give you precise guidance on the location of the points to use and how to manipulate them to achieve the desired effect.  There are very many points which are very easy to locate on yourself and I will select these for your treatment.   I will give you a treatment schedule to do and set a time to follow up with you.

I will send you videos and / or PDF notes after the consultation with the exact location of the points so you can refer to them if you need to, as well as the treatment schedule.

Will it Actually Work?

Yes, absolutely!  I treat many people in the clinic with acupressure alone, including babies and children, and they do very well.  There is a very well established branch of Chinese medicine called Tuina (pronounced ‘twee-nar’) that is concerned solely with the manual stimulation (no needles) of acupressure points and channels.  It’s very effective and it’s precisely what we use on Virtual Consultations.  You can expect good results!

What Conditions Can You Help With?

All the same conditions as we use acupuncture for;

  • stress, anxiety and mood disorders
  • nausea and vomiting
  • problems with the menstrual cycle
  • Infertility including IVF support
  • Pain management
  • Supporting Wellness

What else can Virtual Consultations offer?

Many patients in my clinic comment on how therapeutic they find talking things through about their health and emotions.  It is well researched that this can have a significant benefit on mental health and well being. In this regard, Virtual consultations are the same as if you were here in my clinic physically.  The same level of care, compassion and listening will be identical.

Additionally I will be able to give you lifestyle and diet advice (backed up by email if needs by e.g specific recipes) to support you, as well as strategies on sleep, exercise and herbal food therapy.

I am looking forward to seeing you in Virtual space!  Keep-well-keep-safe